Balancing Work and Play

I have just begun my fifth semester as a St. Mary’s Rattler, and although I am overwhelmed by 18 course hours, two jobs, and freelance writing, I am excited to complete one more year of my undergraduate career.  I am having a hard time getting back into the rhythm of balancing work and school, but I think I will soon become adjusted.  Time management will be my biggest challenge this semester because I will have to balance my course load and work schedule along with the time I have to set aside to do homework.  To do so, I am going to create a schedule and allot certain periods of time strictly for studying.

Media is a large part of our world today, and I am excited to learn how to turn my work into an engaging and informative platform.  While many have the ability to create different forms of media, not all know how to effectively communicate their ideas to an audience.  I am excited to take this course because it will teach me skills that will be used in other classes, as well as in my future career.  I hope to learn the necessary skills to do this in a creative format.  This course is related to my future career because although I aspire to become a book editor at a large publishing house, online media is quickly surpassing print media in popularity.  I would like to expand my knowledge in digital media so that I can be more marketable in my future field of work.




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