Reflecting on Media Production I

After taking Media Production 1, I can say that I have grown as both a storyteller, and media producer. My technological, visual, and interpersonal skills have all improved because I have been forced to stray from my comfort zone to get the footage and audio needed to tell an interesting story that people want to hear. After taking this class, I have definitely acquired skills that will help me throughout my future career.

Technologically, my skills have drastically improved. I learned how to use Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Media Encoder, and even WordPress. Some programs are simpler to use than others, but they are all important mediums that can be used to create and showcase visually pleasing projects. I think that the program I improved using the most was Final Cut Pro. I started out not knowing how to do anything, but now I can confidently create a video with audio, video, photos, and titles.

Aside from Final Cut Pro, I learned how to take and edit better photos and videos. The “Rule of Thirds” is something that has changed my point of view and is something that I constantly remember when taking photos. I also think that the “Five Shot Rule” has helped me as well. If I am ever in doubt about what to film, I can choose one or more of the five angles and will have a successful outcome.

Overall, my interpersonal skills have improved the most. The most important thing I learned in the class is that I need to be more outgoing to obtain interesting and visually pleasing media. My interview skills have immensely improved. I now know how to ask for an interview, and how to ease the tension between my interviewee and myself.

I’ll admit, I thought this class required a lot of work outside of the classroom and was wary of the effort it required when I saw the syllabus. However, I think that although it is time consuming, it is a beneficial class that all students should take. I recently applied for a summer internship and was able to list a handful of programs that I now know how to use and give examples of work I have created with them. If I do receive an interview for the internship, I believe it is because of all of the skills I learned in this class.

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